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Menstrual Irregularity: Vaginal Dryness and Itching Treatment (post menopause)

When a woman is directed to post menopause, her vaginal skin and vulva becomes really thinner and the vagina will loose its capability of producing wetness during the time of sexual contact. Around 75% women suffering from post menopause will badly endure atrophic vaginitis that will be instigated due decreased level of estrogens. Due to this, post menopausal women will experience bad pain during sexual contact, irritation, itching and enlarged vulnerability to vaginal contagions. Post menopausal women with atrophic vaginitis will suffer from itching, redness, and vaginal dryness. Being active during the sexual participation with the best assistance of lubricant and in-taking good amount of water will be really advisable in order to stay safe out from atrophic vaginitis. Basically, vaginal dryness is merely simple to treat! It is really advisable to contact a doctor, to get the best medical advice to overcome this trouble. There are several treatments that can be easily handled. They are vaginal suppositories, estrogen contained creams, and estrogen therapy.

Vaginal dryness is caused because of the factors described below! They are:

1. Devolved level of estrogen is the major cause leading to vaginal dryness. This will decline in the production level of estrogen and as a result the vagina gets dried and grows thinner!

2. However, the devolved level of estrogen is quite common for the result of vaginal dryness it is really advisable to check with fundamental medical consideration. Failing to check will lead to several side effects like Sjogren’s disease.

Treatments to cure vaginal dryness and itching are here for your understandings:

Lubricants – You can find quite several vaginal lubricants available in the store shops. You should try using different brands in order to find the best brand matching and satisfying your partner. It is always recommended to make use of lubricants that are water based. This could be used safe along with diaphragms and condoms. The most familiar condom brands are Slippery Stuff, Astroglide, ID and KY Gel. These condoms will give you complete happiness during your sexual contact.

Conventional Approach – If your doctor suggests you several branded lubricants, you never miss to inquire the effects of using it for longer, regular use.

Complimentary Therapies – Relief is very close and prompt at your house kitchen. It is good to give a massage with olive oil that helps you to battle with the vaginal dryness.

Herbal treatment for Vaginal Dryness & Itching Remedies – Itching or Scratching, whatever may be the case, will be cured by using two natural herbal made products. One is the Aloe Vera Gel and the other is the Calendula Cream! Along with, motherwort is being described as a branded remedial measure to stay relief from vaginal dryness and itching troubles.

Homeopathic Vaginal Dryness & Itching Treatment – Women suffering from vaginal dryness and scratching or itching can experience a better relief with the use of Belladonna. Cantharis and Natrum mur is highly recommended to get relief from itching alone!

Be sure with the indications of the post menopause symptoms, so that you can avail the best treatment to get complete relief.

Menstrual Irregularity: Decreased Short Term Memory Treatment (Perimenopause)

Many women going through perimenopause complain of forgetfulness, difficulty in concentrating, and fuzzy thinking but actually they are going through short term memory loss like loosing the end of a thought while speaking or writing, not remembering where they kept their glasses or keys, forgetting appointments or important dates.

A conventional approach to treat memory loss during perimenopause is to keep your mind active by doing cross word puzzles, brain teasers, playing memory games with kids, remembering new names and places you visited. Intake of fish oil can also increase your memory power. Fish oils are easily available in the stores and are also called as Omega 3 fatty acids. Another way to fight the problem of short term memory is to carry an appointment diary, try to remember all the things you need to do and later refer to the diary incase you have forgotten anything.

Women having perimenopause usually complain of “brain freeze” which mean the failure to access information when required. It was once thought that when the levels of estrogen fluctuate it may cause short term memory loss since estrogen plays an important role in stimulating the neurotransmitters, which allows the brain to communicate with one another. Estrogen helps to increase the flow of red blood cells which help the brain to function. During perimenopause the estrogen levels drop giving rise to memory loss. In the past ERT (estrogen replacement therapy) use to be done but in the recent times it is discovered that estrogen actually does very little to improve memory.

Try and take adequate rest which would help the brain and mind to stay healthy and alert and would help you retain information better. It is a known fact that with the age the brain also slowly deteriorates, so the best thing to do is eat right and drink plenty of water. By having proper nutritious food, it will help the brain the lay down information properly.

For women going through perimenopause a check on diet is recommended like eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes, pinto beans, red lentils, sesame seeds, a balance of proteins and carbohydrates is a must. It is essential to avoid alcohol since it only impairs memory. Also avoid caffeine, hot drinks and spicy food. Certain food products have been said to improve mental acuity like blueberries, fish and soy products.

A herbal treatment is to use Black Cohosh which is also used to decrease painful menstruation. A homeopathic remedy is to take Lycopodium but it is better to consult a doctor before you start using it.

Stress management is a very important factor to improve short term memory loss. Stress causes the body to release a hormone called cortisole which blocks the memories from being registered. Since it is a known fact that all women going through early menopause have stress, it is essential to stay positive and stay stress free. Meditation, yoga, exercise, swimming, walking are few ways that you can reduce stress with. There has been no concrete treatment discovered as yet to improve short term memory loss.

Menstrual Irregularity: Digestive Problems Treatment (Perimenopause)

An inherent symptom of woman going through perimenopause is digestive problems. These digestive problems combined with the other symptoms of perimenopause, makes it difficult and challenging for the women. Most of the digestive problems ascertain themselves in forms of constipation, diarrhea, bloating, indigestion and difficulty in swallowing.
All the symptoms may have various reasons but it has been actually proved that constipations is caused due to hormonal imbalance. Both progesterone and estrogen impact the time taken by food to move through the bowel where progesterone slows down the bowel movement and estrogen makes it fast. It is clearly evident that less estrogen would give rise to bowel problems.
The doctors may also recommend a very strict diet regime with a diet rotation schedule in order to narrow down food that one cannot tolerate which leads to digestive problems. It is very wisely said that one must listen to his / her body. In certain cases one’s craving to eat some specific foods may totally diminish.
Like the other symptoms related to perimenopause the digestive problems too can be widely addressed by making appropriate lifestyle changes and by improving eating habits. Increasing the intake of water to at least 10 glasses per day has very good effect as it washes out the toxins from the body. Exercising regularly also helps to reduce the symptoms to a great extent. Off course one should eat healthy and balanced food and breakfast should not be skipped.
There are Herbal remedies also which can soothe stomach problems. Ginger tea has proved to be an effective cure if your stomach problem leaves you feeling ill. Ginger tea is simple to make by boiling fresh ginger in water. Fenugreek also has properties to treat digestive problem. As is the case with all herbal medicines and naturopathy; what may cure some people might be totally ineffective with the others.
Homeopathic medicines have also proved to be an effectual treatment. One of the most effective homeopathic cures is Carbo Vegetalis. It addresses acid indigestion, sick feeling, gas and also gut ache. It is also advisable to discuss any form of medication or supplement one intends to take with a doctor.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome is very common for women going through perimenopause. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is characterized by either constipation or diarrhea. Zelnorm is the medication for constipation meant for women. Having been widely studied it has been established that this medicine provides the much wanted relief to women.
Latest research also points out that, digestive enzymes apart from breaking down food, are highly efficient in breaking down damaged tissues and thereby killing the inhospitable gastro-intestinal viruses. This helps to reduce inflammation and promotes the growth of healthy tissue. Medicines containing the entire spectrum of digestive enzymes help the body to break down the food more easily. Thus the body does not have to produce more quantity of stomach acid. This helps in soothing down the many unpleasant symptoms of digestive problems. The range of digestive problems can be greatly improved by paying close attention to your habits.

Menstrual Irregularity: Early Menopause

Early menopause is the menopause that occurs earlier than the standard time of it, generally a menopause is said to be early menopause if the lady is aging prior her 40’s. Again, like normal menopause, early menopause is a simple incident to human life. You cannot protect it or delay it to happen. Early menopause will also let you not conceive any more, your reproduction fertility will be reduced to zero.

Early menopause have similar symptoms like regular menopause, like; less interest in involving in regular matters, psychological unrest, emotional disturbances, hot flash, mood swing, and so on. Though the symptoms of menopause and early menopause are similar, only difference is their time of transition, some early menopause symptoms were seen to be observed in acute form. The express more of the rough sides of their nature and habits, for example, they get too short tempered to deal with any situation, completely out rights any of courses of actions, reacts too much to any joke.

If you are experiencing irregularities with your period and want to be sure that you do not got early menopause, you can ask or take the assistance of your doctor to be confirmed. It takes some 12 months more or less to confirm menopause, if you miss your period for these long period at a length, then your physical state will be referred as menopause. So be sure to check this and note while you get the checking done. Female ovaries use hormones that are follicle stimulator to make estrogen. The level of presence of these hormones that are follicle stimulator can also help you to diagnosis early menopause. If you find higher presence of follicle stimulator hormones, it is early menopause’s positive indicator. But be aware that these levels vary with out food habit and protein consumption and brain functioning. To be confirmed about early menopause you need to check these levels quite a few times to be sure. Again there are some hormone which reflects only a operating ovaries, so fall in the level of these hormones again can help you in determining early menopause.

Family history also contributes in early menopause. People have background with early menopause are more prone of getting early menopause. Some chromosome factors also helps in making the menopause earlier than usual time. Chromosome that is not having its replica with it or a second one with it, may affect to get early menopause. It is mostly the X chromosome for ladies. Some immune disorder or renal malfunctioning can help in early menopause. Clinical surgical procedure can also be the cause of early menopause. Some radiation therapy also known to damage female fertility at any of the ages of their life and thus can result in early menopause.
Listen, like menopause in 45’s to 50’s, early menopause is also a natural phenomenon, where you get the meno-paused earlier than expected. Your symptoms are same like that of older ladies than you and they do no have any immediate cure nor you can prevent it. With time, you will have to accept it

Menstrual Irregularity: High Blood Pressure Treatment (post menopause)

It has been proven that, post menopause women will fall prey to high blood pressure rather comparing with the menstruating women. Post menopause women suffering with high blood pressure will get serious troubles like early aging, increased weight gain resulting to obesity. The most recent research has proven that, menopause will make women to get into bad health oriented risk, which in turns lead to aggressive high blood pressure. While the time of hormonal imbalance, women suffering from post menopause will experience the decreased level of estrogens. It is absolutely known that hormonal imbalance and changes will badly trouble the menopausal women resulting to high blood pressure. Basically, hormones play an essential role in maintaining the level of blood pressure! The declination of the hormone level will result to the severe cause of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is otherwise called as hypertension, will produce severe trouble to menopausal women. The decreased level in estrogen will make the blood vessels to turn out of tone and as a result, the blood flow will be reduced. Preventing the problem completely will quite not be possible, but you can dearly control the impact of high blood pressure to an advisable level. Little changes in the dieting process and style of living will bring the trouble under control. Women having smoking habit should give-up the practice, as that will turn as their first enemy in threatening their life. Moreover, menopausal women experiencing high blood pressure should take food that has low sodium content. Withal, exercising will be really good to keep all the disease and ailments far away.

Conventional Approach – It is good to practice and lead a healthy lifestyle, so that you can stay far out from all these troubles. Are you obese? Then try to put down your weight as much you can! Menopausal women with overweight will experience quite many health oriented diseases including high blood pressure. Is smoking your habit? If you really mean to say “yes”, then it is mandatory to give-up the practice. Generally, menopausal women must have to take brisk walking everyday. 20 minutes walking will keep away twenty thousand diseases away. Intake good amount of fresh green vegetables and fruits. Do not dump your stomach with food, as you will result to over weight. The better you lose weight the greater you reduce the chance of blood pressure. Also, post menopausal women suffering from high blood pressure are advices to take diets rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, and green vegetables.

Complimentary Therapies – Right medication will curb the level of blood pressure. Living a life with the right practice and involvement will help you to get better relief. It is advisable to join any meditation group or even you can buy books that teach you meditation. In spite of increasing the level of blood pressure, meditation will put an end to the trouble. Moreover, meditation will make your mind to achieve balance pose and position.

Herbal remedial measures for high blood pressure treatment – Hawthorne is advisable herbal remedy that dearly helps in eliminating blood pressure. Menopausal women with high blood pressure are advised to take raw extract of garlic

Homeopathic remedy for high blood pressure treatment – Motherwort is considered to be the best tonic that has good ability to work with cardiovascular system. Also, in-taking of Dandelion Tea will bestow good health effects.

Menstrual Irregularity: Menopause

Menopause is completely a physiological event of ladies at later stage of their life, where their ovaries start to loose its fertility for reproductive activities and this change also causes some reflection on their psychological state. The term menopause is derived from two Greek words, meno and pause; which means, periods and stoppage. In simple meaning, menopause is indicated when the period of women stops. Generally menopause starts to occur during late 40’s to every woman. All the ladies should go through this process of changed physiological and psychological conditions as a must for them. No treatment is generally prescribed to treat menopause as this is a natural event, a lady simply needs to accept it.

Menopause causes and deals mostly with the various hormones in side a female body. The symptoms of menopause can be observed and identified by; the length of monthly period, the density of fluids released, duration between one period to another and times need to release the fluid completely to get back to normal condition. If you found any thing in these parameters to be going wrong or something otherwise, you can contact your physician and for all these same concerns, if you are in your later stage of life, get yourself prepared for menopause. You will also start to face problems in sleeping at a length or the whole night, observe some dryness in your vagina, your moods will swing often, hair to start loosing, hot flash, and night sweats and so on. For some the skin starts to loose their brightness and bones start to decay. Whatever it be the symptoms, you cannot get treatment for it as long it is menopause. But you can only get help of medication to reduce your pains that you are suffering in course of menopause.

In general course of female fertility, the ovaries of ladies start to receive the egg in every month. This egg has fertility for a short period of time but higher than the man. Once the fertility completely wasted or expires, then the egg is released in the form of fluid or polluted blood. In menopause this cycle gets stopped for woman. The egg every month taking place in the ovaries is called the event of Period and stoppage of this Period is called Menopause. A great number of hormonal activities, hormonal reproduction is associated with this physiological event like estrogen hormones and progesterone hormones.
Menopause lets these hormones production be manipulated, as such that you will start to experience growth stopped, bone decay, you cannot tolerate any thing, start overreacting to others for simple issues, you will start to loose all your beauties and things of your pride will start to get dulled. These are observed in more extended period of time. Again there are some incidents when hormonal release is manipulated by menopause, where the hormones responsible for human sex behavior are overly produced. Again it is also presumed that it is not going to be nice experience to start to loose interest in having sex.
Some can take assistance for permanent menopause with the help of surgical procedure or other clinical procedure. Otherwise menopause is common for all ladies aging for their late 40’s. there are some incident where menopause comes earlier than regular time, some times in delay and so on. Gradually we will learn in depth of every aspect of menopause!

Menstrual Irregularity: Migraine Treatment (Perimenopause)

Migraine is one big trouble that makes a person to fall dull! It is really tough and terrible to live with the bad migraine. Women suffering from Perimenopause will easily fall a prey to migraine troubles. Perimenopause women will suffer at least every once in a week with bad migraine trouble. In some other cases, Perimenopause women will suffer most the day with bad migraine head ache. The pain level could vary from person to person and depending upon the pain level, you might fall badly disrupted either a day or a whole evening. Basically, menopause migraine treatment will involve several different things. Take a quick look on the flow-up to get better understandings about the several different migraine treatments for Perimenopause.

Conventional Approach – Give a close eye and observe your diet and make a note of what you eat. Also, include your everyday physical workout and check how well you are able to react better in your activities. When you clearly observe the situation, then you can find the best treatment to prevent migraine. To keep yourself safe out of Perimenopause migraine, you should eat little, but intake fluids greater. Avoid taking meals often! Menopause women taking too much of coffee with double spoon sugar will be easily directed to migraine. Doctors will generally advice hormone replacement therapy for menopause women suffering from migraine. When considering, every women be experiencing different type of migraine and the treatment will involve several pros and cons. Hormone replacement therapy is not dearly advisable for a menopause women who can be easily directed to breast cancer. The major objective of menopause is to decline the level of progesterone and estrogen levels that are caused because of menopause. Basically, the hormone replacement therapy will be practiced in 3 different patterns. They are individual take off of progesterone, separate take off of estrogen, and a combination of progesterone and estrogen. Hormone replacement therapy will either be prescribed as gel, cream, patch or pills, an injection, implant or even as vaginal ring.

Bio-identical hormone therapy, which is otherwise known as BHT is a natural edition of HRT. Basically, BHT is induced from several hormonal plants, which are akin present in the women’s body. Every prescription for BHT is completely hand-mixed and it really varies from person to person. It is completely in your hands to take the responsibility of making yourself cure from menopause. You have to inquire with more queries and investigations and you should use your stuff to ascertain the best treatment for Perimenopause.

Complimentary Therapies – It has been proven that Perimenopause women undergoing regular acupuncture treatment has experienced a good relief from migraines. You can also try with several herbal remedies for migraine treatment. Though there are plenty of options, it is really advisable to check with a specialist before you undertake the treatment. You must know the outcome and effectiveness of the product before using it.

Homeopathic Remedies – Even while considering homeopathic remedies, you can count plenty in number. Before you take up the treatment, it is better to get advice from a specialist, as he will recommend the remedial measure to get cured from migraine caused by menopause.